Platforum 9 joins Stockholm Impact Week

One of the core values at Platforum 9 is working towards positive impact without negative impact. We believe that we can become better connected by using technology rather than global travel to make and deepen professional connections.

What all legal organisations and networks have in common is that they predominantly focus on the physical meeting as the core concept for relationship development.

This is unsustainable.

One of the key features of Platforum 9 is that lawyers are connected to each other using the App. This allows them to be more regularly connected around the topics they really care about, cutting out the noise and focusing on subjects that matter to them.

Attending a session organised by Feminvest Stockholm this week, it was uplifting to see how much real impact can be achieved by making impact a core value from the moment of foundation.
Seeing so many successful female entrepreneurs and investors in one place was uplifting and empowering as there is always a positive impact when we use technology to enhance our human connectivity.


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Platforum 9 joins Stockholm Impact Week

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